Zine is an Award-Winning International Digital Marketing Agency. With a growing global network of Zine Accredited Certified Partners, we specialize in Digital Strategy development and delivery.


Our passion for digital has taken North East of England based Zine across the world. Those who know us will tell you that Zine walks a different path, with a distinctly positive energy, culture and drive unlike any other. No coincidence then, that from the Burj Khalifa overlooking the Dubai Fountain we re-affirmed our corporate strategy as a disruptive marketing agency.


With Zine team experience reaching back to the earliest days of corporate Internet adoption, and leveraging its competencies from a backdrop of global intranet rollouts, creative campaigns for leading FMCG brands and white labelling services to leading international ad agencies, our vision and ambition was always to create an international digital marketing agency.

Much like our identity, our people and those we work with are colourful, bright and interesting. Enjoying what we do is as important as its effectiveness and value. We encourage wellbeing, having always facilitated flexible and remote working. We invest in developing young people through our internship and digital apprenticeship programmes, which we deliver with the endorsement of GlaxoSmithKline.

Working with Zine you will find Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified marketers, Google Accredited Partners, approved and certified being amongst our watchwords. Having been a paperless organisation since Zine’s inception, we take our digital credentials seriously. We are all serial early adopters, from electric cars to Mobile First design and development. While others are yet to think about or discuss new ideas, we act.

As for our name, Zine is pronounced like fine, and naturally it rhymes with design. The word Zine embodies disruptive marketing, is at once original and thought provoking, double take, double think, it also takes meaning from digitally published excerpts and memes, be they style, behaviour or ideas that spread with popularity and usage in a social context that influence corporate actions.

Zine International